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Washington Summit to Call Attention to Plight of Christians in the Middle East –  August 28


About IDC

In Defense of Christians (IDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that serves the historic Christian communities of the Middle East through unified, coordinated advocacy and greater public awareness.  In particular, IDC seeks to promote awareness and preserve the historic Christian communities of the Middle East and to advocate on their behalf. This awareness will be focused on countries of concern, such as Egypt, Iraq, and Syria, Iran and Sudan, contrasting them with models of equality and pluralism in the region, such as Lebanon and Jordan.


About the IDC Inaugural Summit

The primary purpose of the Summit is to bring all members of the Diaspora together in a newfound sense of unity. Whether Orthodox or Catholic; Evangelical, Coptic or Maronite; Syriac, Lebanese, Chaldean or Assyrian – all Middle Eastern Christians will be called on to join together in solidarity. This solidarity will strengthen advocacy efforts with policy makers and elected officials and make more palatable grassroots outreach to the American public. Thus united, Middle Eastern Christians will invite all people of good will to join the cause to defend the defenseless, to be a voice for those who are voiceless.

The survival of these historic Christian communities is not merely a moral imperative; it is in the interests of all nations and peoples of the West and the Middle East. As noted in the May 7, 2014 “Pledge” of religious and human rights leaders, Middle Eastern Christians “have long been an integral part of the social fabric, and have contributed, alongside Muslims, to the construction of the Arab civilization. They have had an especially formative role in promoting education, literacy, learning and health care,” which serve all people in the region.