Hon. Henri Jibrayel, MP

henri jibrayel

Hon. Henri Jibrayel is a Member of the National Assembly of France with Lebanese and Assyrian roots. His father was an Assyrian survivor of the Assyrian genocide who had taken refuge with his parents in a Beirut slum. After the war, the family got the French naturalization and was hosted by its new fatherland in a slum near Marseille. Henri Jibrayel left school at 15, became a crane driver, and afterwards entered the French Poste. After being a trade-unionist at the Poste, Jibrayel becomes conseiller général for the Socialist Party in a Marseille canton and maire-adjoint in a Marseille secteur in 2001, then he is elected member of the National Assembly of France in 2007, becoming one out of three metropolitan deputies with non European family roots.